Are you sick of all that unwanted body hair that you just can’t seem to get rid off? Looking for a more permanent solution? We’re almost knee deep in summer and it’s your time to let out those silky smooth legs.

Although waxing can get a bit painful, with the right kind of treatment any pain can get tolerable!

We can offer you the best hair treatment solutions at the most affordable prices!

Hair removal is a necessity and needs to be a part of your daily beauty routine. Undoubtedly, the most preferred technique of hair removal is waxing. One of the most common misconceptions about waxing can be the thicker, denser hair growth after you wax. But on the contrary, waxing actually reduces hair growth; not to mention the soothing smooth skin you’re left with after.

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Tracing back to when it all began, waxing dates back to the Egyptian era where the queens invested most of their time ineffective hair removal techniques. They would remove almost all of their body hair with whatever they could find such as beeswax, sugar or even seashells as tweezers! Here in Rupini’s Beauty Parlor, we have it all covered with the latest hair removal techniques carefully designed for your comfort.

How does it work?

It’s Hot! But not too hot! Soothing hot wax is poured over the desired area and the hair is pulled in the opposite direction. Waxing removes hair from its roots and henceforth becomes very effective. Depending on your hair type, waxing prevents hair growth for an average of two to even six weeks!

Facial hair although tricky can be useful in some cases such as your eyebrows. If you’re worried about prolonging those bushy brows or slightly tweaking those brows to perfectly complement your face structure, don’t you worry as we have got you covered with many exclusive packages.

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One of the main reasons for changing hair growth patterns can be due to a difference in medication, diseases such as PCOD or just simply hereditary! But don’t let that stop you from wearing your favorite summer dress.

Looking at other ways to get rid of body hair, imagine having to glide through your skin with a one-inch razor with a promise to retain hair growth only for a day or two? With waxing, although your hair looks thicker, it is not so. It only appears so as your new hair follicle has not been exposed to pollutants, chemicals or the sun.

Why wax and not shave?

Shaving not only leaves you with rashes and irritable skin but can also lead to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are those hairs that have crawled inside within your skin instead of rising from it. As a result, they look like small lumps on your skin which can often be mistaken for just temporary blisters or hives. As dead skin clogs up on the epidermis, it forces the hair to grow sideways instead of upwards.

Shaving can also be undesirable in several different ways from having to suffer from razor cuts to having to do it on a regular basis. Shaving is only a quick-fix to your body hair problems. So you know what you need to do before going on that quick brunch with your ladies.


Not only are you more likely to get rid of your dead cells, but waxing also prevents the growth of ingrown hairs!

Waxing doesn’t just make hair grow much sparse but also reduces its thickness.

Many waxing solutions contain moisturising elements that help soften the skin before removing hair. So it not gets rid of that unwanted hair but also leaves a smoother surface with no prickly stubble.

With waxing, you are minimising your risks of itchy skin, and with the right kind of assistance at our service, we can look for the solution that suits you best.

Besides hair removal, we also provide a variety of other services best for rejuvenating your hair and skin such as hair and facial spa, hair treatment and stylish and of course a fully functioning hair studio.

We value your self-worth and guarantee to treat you with nothing short of the best. With the most accessible personnel and state of the art tech, we can be sure about pampering yourself to your heart’s content.


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