Terms & Conditions

To deliver the best salon experience, as a customer, it is highly recommended that you follow our terms & conditions that consists of several factors.


We are a reputed beauty salon in Singapore providing holistic beauty services to women of all age groups. Our salon is open from 08:30- 17:30 from Monday to Friday. Since we dedicate a fixed time limit for appointments, it is recommended that you reach our salon at least 15 minutes before the procedure so that we can prepare ourselves, get to know your preferences, etc. Arriving late means that we will have less time to dedicate our services. This, in turn, may not give you the expected result.


The purpose of booking is to make your appointments easier, therefore, it is essential that you utilize the booking feature correctly. Do note that when you have made a booking, please try to come at the time because our professional stylists are assigned to you in advance. Making them wait is a waste of their precious time.

It is not at professional and is rude. Therefore, always come on time. You can make a booking by calling us at +65 1800 787 4647 during working hours from 08:30-17:30. If you are making the booking outside the working hours, you can do it via customercare@rupinis.com.sg.


When you book a service, it is entirely for you. This means that a particular stylist will be assigned to you for that particular day & time. Therefore, it is recommended that you attend the session. In case if the treatment is cancelled without prior notice or if it is changed on arrival, you will have to pay the full cost of the treatment that you booked for.

Therefore, for such scenario’s it is advised to inform us at least 48 hours before the appointment date so that the appropriate changes can be made accordingly. Also do note that a 50% fee of the total treatment cost will be charged if the appointment is cancelled without meeting the required criteria. In the unusual instance where we may need to cancel your booking, we will inform you at the earliest time.


To make customer payments faster, hassle-free and secure, our payment modes include cash and all the major credit/debit cards as payment. In the event of a booking, you will have to make a small payment.


As a security measure, we don’t encourage wearing valuable ornaments when visiting our salon. In case you bring your valuables, remember that it will be your responsibility to take care of them. We won’t be responsible in the event your valuables are stolen or missing. Also, it is advised to not leave your things at our salon after your appointment is finished.


To avoid the possibility of illness, allergies you must be perfectly healthy for availing our beauty services. If you are on medication or did have any previous known health issues such as blood pressure, skin problems, circulation problems, etc, it is highly recommended that you consult with your physician before booking a treatment. Before the procedure is begun, we ask you to produce a letter from your doctor stating that you are perfectly alright to receive the procedure.


We only use the finest handpicked beauty products in our salon. Do note that our products are highly concentrated. This means that very little is needed to obtain the maximum results. If you wish to purchase any of our beauty products for use, it is recommended to discuss this with the stylist. They will provide the right guidance on using it. If you are having doubts about using the product, you can call us & we will help you.


It is the job of our professional stylists to make you look beautiful and they are paid for that. As part of our company policies, please refrain from offering gifts to our employees for their services. They will not accept any sort of gifts from clients. A simple handshake and a thank you following the treatment are more than enough.


Promotional offers on our services are posted on our official pages on social media platforms However, they are displayed for a limited time period. Once the period ends, the respective treatment reverts to its normal price. Hence, make use of our offers on time.