When it comes to hair care, henna is important for healthy hair. And since henna is a natural ingredient, it helps in increasing the volume of the hair and also make it shiny and healthy. It has more benefits to it. According to prominent beauty parlour, these are some of the benefits of henna. They are:

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Hair growth

Applying henna to your hair makes its growth more as it nourishes the root and the essential oils in henna helps in promoting hair growth.

Hair Fall reduction control

The henna has a direct effect on the scalp of your hair which improves the health of the hair seam. End result of this is that it helps in curbing hairfall and prevents and corrects hair thinning.

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Hair conditioning

Henna hydrates your hair, with its natural ingredients it becomes a perfect conditioner for the hair. It gives everlasting results to your hair.

Prevents dandruff

Excess dirt and grease are removed when henna is applied to your hair. It also helps in preventing the comeback of dandruff.

Controls scalp itchiness

Henna has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which helps in cooling and soothing your scalp. It also improves itchiness in the scalp.

Natural hair dye

Most people go for chemical hair dyes for their hair and this results in hair damage. But henna is a natural hair dye which helps in preventing your hair

Repairs split-ends

If your hair is dry and damaged it tends to get split-ends. Just cutting them is not enough. By applying henna the split ends can be prevented. It repairs and rejuvenates your hair.

Makes hair thick

The tannin, one of the ingredients present in henna binds your hair and makes it stronger. It does not penetrate the hair cortex which ensures minimum damage. This in turn makes the hair stronger.

Balance the PH and oil of the hair

Henna helps in calming the sebaceous gland/oil secreting glands and this restores the PH and oil control of the hair.

Easy to apply

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One of the most important benefits of henna is that you don’t need an expert for applying it. All you need is to apply the henna onto your hair by yourself.

Equivalent to Protein treatment

Even Though henna doesn’t have protein in it. By each coating the hair shaft a protective layer is build and it helps in safeguarding your hair from potential damage.

Acts equivalent to shampoo

Popular hair spa advocates that after doing henna, one doesn’t have to shampoo their hair because the natural ingredients of henna are similar to that of a shampoo and gives a perfect feel to your hair.

Balances hair porosity

Exposure to chemicals, chlorine water etc can damage the hair porosity. With once in a while henna treatment the hair porosity can be balanced.

Detoxifies the scalp

Ingredients of Henna goes deep inside the scalp and helps in detoxifying the scalp and creates a gradual escalation of the natural gel included in the henna.

Makes hair tresses stronger

Henna strengthens the hair tresses and makes them shiny and less prone to breakage.

Reduces Frizziness

Frizziness is always a problem when it comes to curly hair. Henna has the conditioning ability which helps in reducing frizziness in the hair and makes it smooth and soft.

Relief from headache

Apart from all the other benefits, henna helps in relieving headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties in henna improves blood circulation in the brain and reduce tension.

Makes hair manageable and tanglefree

Henna makes your hair tangle free and manageable as it has deep conditioning effect.

Covers grey hair and curbs from greying

Grey hair is a major concern when it comes to youngsters and applying henna is the natural way to cover your grey hair. Not only does it helps in covering your hair but also it prevents from further greying of hair. Hair Stylists from

Best hair color salon suggests that one should apply henna once or maybe twice in a while it will automatically help in controlling hair greying.

Straightens your hair

Curly hair is one thing that most of the girls have a tough time with. Henna helps in straightening your hair by loosening the curls pattern temporarily.

Therapeutic effect

Henna has natural ingredients like herbs that gives you hair therapeutic effect which helps in preventing hair damage.

Hence these are some of the benefits of henna and experts of the top hair salon recommends applying henna once a week or twice to help your hair get essential nutrients and make it look smooth, shiny and voluminous.


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