Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains how your data is collected & managed. This includes collecting personal data by using our website The data also includes information that is provided when you make a purchase for our service or when you take part in any prize draw or sign up for our events.

As your personal details are provided to us, it is our responsibility to manage them. The purpose of collecting your data is to provide our services much better to you. We never misuse your information for any illicit purposes.

If you are not satisfied with your data being collected and used, you have the sole right to make a complaint to the concerned authorities. However, it would be better to let us know first so that we can resolve it before making a complaint. To avoid conflicts in the future, please make sure that the information we have about you is accurate & precise. If there has been a change in your information, please let us know by sending a mail at


The data that we collect is only meant for identifying an individual and we don’t collect anonymous data. The following data is collected from you:

  • Your name & contact details
  • Financial information
  • Transaction details
  • Technical information
  • Online profile data
  • Usage data


We highly value your privacy, therefore, none of us at Rupinis beauty salon will collect any sort of sensitive data of your’s through the use of our website. Also, we will not collect any information that is potentially dangerous such as criminal convictions and offences. Your information is not shared with third-party solutions without your consent. However, do note that we will not be liable for the actions of third party sites from which you may have linked your information or have been directed to our website.

When we are required to collect your personal data either by law or as per the contract between us, it is ideal that you provide us with the necessary details so that we can provide our services smoothly and effectively to you. If the required information is not provided from your side, we will have to cancel a product or service you have ordered.


Our data collection process involves the following methods:

Direct interactions

This involves visiting our salon for availing our beauty services or submitting your details online through our website. This also includes verbal communication with us either through phone or via written communication. The other ways that we use to collect your data are when you:

  • Create your profile on our site
  • Subscribe to our beauty services
  • Participate in our surveys, promotions, etc
  • Give feedback for improving our services
Automated technologies

We may automatically collect technical data that includes details about your equipment, browsing patterns when you use our website. We achieve this by using cookies & similar technologies. If you are interacting with websites that use our cookies, we may also receive technical data about you.


It is our responsibility to keep your data safe from external threats. We use your information for updating you our news, exclusive offers and events. All this will be done through mail or phone. Please note that we may disclose your details to third parties that manage our assets or when requested by law authorities. If you are not sure about handing over your details with us, you have the right to not allow the use of your details for our marketing purposes. If you wish to unsubscribe from our services, you can do it any time by emailing us at


The purpose of cookies is to provide you with improved user experience on our website and services. What cookies do is that it saves the preferences that you have made when browsing through our website. This, in turn, helps in recognizing your browser on your next visit and thereby improving your site experience as well as showing ads, events that are more relevant to your needs. Enabling cookies is not an option. If you don’t want such a feature, you can disable them in your web browser settings. By using cookies, we don’t track your sensitive data of any sort.


Communication between us is an effective way to know more about each other. Being a customer-oriented business, we like to hear your suggestions, feedback, etc. Only with your suggestions, we are able to improve our services and provide them better to you. We want you to avail our professional services and also recommend our website to your friends and families. If you are having any questions or doubts about this privacy policy, please do contact. We are ready to give answers to any questions. You can contact us by either sending an email at or calling us at +65 1800 787 4647.