It is often said that beauty is only skin deep. But regardless of age, every woman wishes for clear and radiant skin. But there are several apprehensions that are associated with bleaching. The best skin bleach for your dark spots at Rupini’s gives you the right idea regarding skin bleaching and also its pros and cons.

What exactly is skin bleaching?

best skin bleach for your dark spots

Skin bleaching is also known as skin whitening or skin lightening. It is usually a chemical process to reduce the concentration of melanin on the face or other parts of the body. It fades your skin tone beyond your natural complexion. As it fades the skin complexion, it also latent the facial hair. 

There are several methods as to which you can remove your facial hair. Waxing, threading, laser hair removal, epilating, plucking etc.  Rupini’s are here to tell you the advantages of skin bleaching over other techniques. We offer the best bleach for your dark spots and facial hair. 

Benefits of bleaching your skin

best skin bleach for your dark spots

  • It gives an instant brightness to your skin.  The chemicals used in the bleach lightens the facial hair to a golden hue and renders an instant glow to your face.


  • It saves you the pain of threading. As we all you know, threading is a bit painful. So bleaching conceals the dark unwanted facial hair.


  • Bleaching makes pigmentation marks appear lighter. As the bleach lightens the face, pigmentation and blemishes also appear lighter. It also removes tan and gets rid of uneven skin.


  • A smooth, soft and glowing skin at the end of the day. The bleach not only lightens and hides the facial hair. It also removes unnecessary blackheads and whiteheads that give you smooth and soft skin.

Some flaws that can occur while bleaching your skin

Like the two sides of a coin, bleaching your skin also has its own cons. 

  • A chemical process. The fact that bleaching is a chemical process is itself unfavourable for several people. Most of them prefer to stay away from chemicals. Chemical ingredients like sodium hypochlorite might prove harmful to some skin types.


  • What is your skin type? If you are someone with very sensitive skin, then it is better you think before you do bleaching. Bleaching is usually quite strong. So, it can become allergic to people with sensitive skin. Hence, it is always advisable to test your skin type before you venture into bleaching your skin


  • Do not expose yourself to sun. Another important facet when it comes to bleaching is that you have to stay indoors after bleaching. Exposing your skin to the sun immediately after bleaching can damage your skin. If you can’t avoid going out, then you must definitely wear sunscreen. Or cover your face with a scarf or hat. 


  • Tingling sensations. Bleaching your skin is a bit tingling initially. There can also be slight irritations and itching sensations. However,  this tingling and sensation are quite normal.

Therefore, it is highly advisable that you take a professional aid to do the bleaching unless it is a natural technique that you employ. Natural methods are time-consuming. Chemical bleaching can give you quicker and faster results. And also with skilled technicians can advise you with other requirements needed for your face and skin.

Rupini’s with the best facial bleach kit

best skin bleach for your dark spots

You need not drop the idea of bleaching or decide to back out after reading the cons of bleaching. Here, Rupini’s is at your service, with the best facial bleach kit.

 Rupini’s do not limit ourselves to face bleaching. We provide a full body bleach with the Face bleach, half arms bleach, back bleach etc. are some of our highlights. We employ the minimum number of chemicals in our bleach kit and make sure that there are more natural ingredients in it. 

Our best facial bleach kit not only lightens your skin tone but it also eliminates the dark spots that occurred due to excessive exposure to the sun.  we also have special underarm bleach, a bikini line bleach that removes the dark colour under your arms seen after waxing or shaving. 

To show you what we mean, visit our salon in Singapore or take a prior booking right from our website. You can choose your bleach from our best skin bleaching skin products and other services that make you glow from head to toe. We offer a wide variety of services in all beauty treatments- facial, hair, waxing etc. Rupini’s maintains its standard and quality through hundred percent customer satisfaction.


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