Ever wondered what will be the top beauty trends of the new year?

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“These days you are looking stunning like ever before”, this will be the best compliment you ever expect to hear.

Allow a beauty salon to assist you in getting ready for a fascinating year ahead. The year 2019 is going to exhibit supreme beauty vogue. From cute and awesome old styles to modern sophisticated trendy looks.

We all love to have a fresh look that makes us energetic from inside. Are you ready for a beautiful year ahead?

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The exploration for the mountain of youth has been going on for the centennial. After all, as we grow and become elder and elder, our skin normally begins to sag and lose its youthful elasticity like young blood. However, going under the painful and overlong treatment with a knife is not the only way to make your skin looking supple and young.

We have headed over to a new year hoping for the best of everything. And we have many dreams to get cherished and awaiting the coming days. Last year we have seen many different trends that are unique and creative in varied manners.

Do you fancy to be a limited edition? Get a signature look that creates a unique transient look.

Before coming to the new year trends, Let us analyse the trends of 2018

The year of glitter

Bold and pretty vogues had a come back in the past year. The focus has been shifted from a stunning attire to a cute face. The year showed a fast pace of changing fashion trends along with the beauty vogue.

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  • Natural beauty products

The trends extend to an elevating organic beauty boom making everyone aware of the health of their ever-loving skin and wellness. Go chemical free was one of the slogans of beauty trends of 2018. By the end of the year, the market showed an increasing trend in the demand for organic personal care products.

  • Exfoliation and nourishment with peel

Rather than going for a 60 minutes facial which gives a perfect glow for the coming days, more girls where opting a peel which could clean, exfoliate and nourish their skin. Accompanying a facial massage can have a great deal with the same.

  • Holistic treatments

Imbue your mein with whole body treatment rather than focusing on your face. Everyone started treating their body as they would do their face. Our varying weather always calls for sufficient treatments to get rid of issues related to the changing climate.

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  • Bespoke personalised products

A personalised approach is made to everyone concerning every minute details. In the case of skin care, it tackles almost every issue and blends the benefits of all supremes packs of beauty elements.

Brand new trends for 2019

Despite your evergreen personal style, it will be more fine and splendid if you get used to ideas before they become too usual. Make sure that you are steering in the right direction with the new fashion.

1. Eyebrow Threading and microblading

Eyebrows have been the main element in beauty treatments. A well defined eyebrows are always demanded more than ever. An emerging trend with the eyebrow is microblading in which a tattooing technique is used to add semi-permanent pigments in to the skin.

2. Eyelash Extensions

Like you get extensions for your hair, it has become popular to use eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are single lashes, made of synthetic materials such as silk, mink, or something different to these textures, that should be attached to your existing lovely lashes semi-permanently to make it look more better.

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3. Fashion Colors

Great advancements in hair color formulas are being made by the past couple of years by hair stylists, many inventions are also being conceived to make it more better than before and a little creative stuff enclosing arts in the same. This new path of fashion colors doesn’t makes any limit in your choices to try out different shades.

4. Vegan Cosmetics

A new trend in product is making it vegan which does not contain any animal elements or animal-derived elements. Some essential ingredients are included, which cannot be limited from beauty products because of their properties like, honey, bee wax, albumen, carmine, gelatin, and many others.

5. Nail Art

Apart from pedicure and manicure from nail salon which makes your nails healthy and clean, nail art has been a part of beauty trends. And now nail polishes which changes colour even according to the mood of the user are also available.

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6. Charcoal Masks

One of the best and effective beauty element is activated charcoal, which is perhaps one of the biggest beauty crazes right now, and with fine reason to make use of it.

Hope this information is helpful and stay gorgeous with these trends


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