Love is around the corner. Wouldn’t you like to look stunning and feel special on this beautiful day? The best facial hair waxing and facial spa Singapore is at your disposition to give you the finest facial treatment. There are several apprehensions attributed to waxing and hence everyone gives a second thought to it. Will the waxing hurt my skin? Will the waxed hair grow back thicker? Are the basic concerns.

Rupini’s the best deep cleansing facial Singapore is here to cleanse both your concerns and also your facial hair.

All that you need to know about facial and face waxing

facial hair waxing and facial spa Singapore

Waxing or hair removal is not a new discovery or a current trend. It has a long history dating back to the Egyptians. Having facial hair for both men and women was considered uncivilized. Not only the Egyptians but the Persians, Romans and Europeans also had similar observances.

The facial treatment Singapore is here to tell you some aspects related to waxing.

  • Identifying your skin type. Before you decide to do facial waxing, you need to know your skin type and then able to choose the right waxing method.
  • Say no to double Dipping. Double-dipping can really harm your skin. You ought to make sure that new spatulas are dipped before waxing to avoid post-waxing breakouts.
  • Redness and rashness post-waxing. The skin of our face is comparatively thinner and sensitive than the rest of the body. Hence the redness after waxing is quite natural and phenomenal. But there are high chances to develop rashness and other irritations if the concoctions are not natural or if there is a large number of chemicals used.
  • No pain, no gain. As mentioned earlier, the skin of the face is very delicate. So it can hurt a little. However natural methods can relieve you of the pain. 
  • How long will it last? This is a debatable question when it comes to waxing and hair removal. Depending on the intensity and thickness of your facial hair and also the method you follow will decide how long will the waxing last. Waxing lasts when compared to other methods of removal.
  • Do not try it on your own. Experimenting facial waxing on your own can be a bit risky. Unless you are an expert in doing, it is advisable to approach a professional to get the waxing done.

Taking all these into consideration, the techniques for waxing employed by the face waxing Singapore are traditional and natural.

Best extraction facial in Singapore for smooth glowing skin

facial hair waxing and facial spa Singapore

Rupini’s render a natural experience with the best extraction facial in Singapore for smooth glowing skin. Our signature hard wax rejuvenates your skin with epilation and anti-ageing effects. Furthermore, it removes blackheads and refines skin pores. Above all hard waxing gives a painless epilation suitable even for sensitive skin. The premium hard wax leaves your skin gentle and refreshing.

Bearing in mind the delicacy and sensitivity of the skin, we use only natural mixtures for waxing. Rupini utilises the naturalness of honey, oil and other anti-septic elements like natural turmeric. Once the waxing is done, rose water is daintily applied on the waxed portion to calm the pores and ease the irritation.

Permanent hair removal Singapore services for women

facial hair waxing and facial spa Singapore

Besides face waxing, Rupini’s supply the permanent hair removal Singapore services for women in Brazilian waxing also. We apply hard wax for both Brazilian and underarm waxing. Also known as strip-less wax, this type of waxing is warm and comfortable for the skin.

 Hard waxing can prove advantageous as it prevents long-term damage to the skin like burning, scarring etc. moreover it takes away the hair from the roots and exfoliates the skin making it smoother at the end of the day. Besides, over the course of time, the hair gets weaker and reduces in further hair growth. 

La vie en rose

On this special day of love, facial hair waxing and facial spa Singapore help you look exceptional with our extra offers. Full face premium hard wax along with Organic Express Rose Facial just for $88. Also Brazilian and Underarm Premium Hard wax coupled with Intimate Rose treatment mask for $88.

To show you what we mean, visit our website to get your online booking done or pay a visit to our Rupini’s salon.

Look resplendent on this big day and make it memorable with your loved ones. Look your life through the happy hues of the roses.


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